Kadee is an expert pilates fitness trainer and knew she needed to get her instruction online. After a few failed attempts at building and launching a platform, her team threw in the towel on the project until they found Social Style House to help inject new life into the work. They also struggled at growing their Instagram account despite professionally shot content and authentic personal branding tactics.

The Outcome:

KadeeFIT approached Social Style House to build their fitness platform (desktop and mobile apps). In the lead up to the launch, the SSH team built a huge targeted audience of 1000+ email subscribers to launch to.

Not only that, the SSH team designed a instagram campaign to drive followers using a little known tactic which has helped grow the account 31% in 90 days (around 5,000 new followers).


  • Social media management

  • Social media advertising

  • MasterClass production

  • Email newsletter marketing

  • Website design

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